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you are transported by the orb into my home. as the goldenrod glow recedes from you, you take stock of your surroundings: you hover over many elements, watching them come alight with the selfsame soft glow that led you here. your gaze wanders and you take a moment to appreciate the gateways to other parts of the site, though some seem.. incomplete.

just as you start getting bored of this smug presumptive narration, your host appears

-- hyperIridescence [HI] has taken the narrative reins! --

MOSS: hiiiiiii waves waves waves :}

> Moss: stop being a nerd

MOSS: that's.. fair.

i appear thoughtful, twirling a corner of my cloak in my fingers.

MOSS: i'm not going to, of course, referencing my favourite stories through everything i say is an iconic part of the moss persona

MOSS: you could even call it... the mossona

i say, grinning for a moment while scanning my gaze over the place. i fiddle some more with the hem of my cloak.

MOSS [pensively]: sigh, apologies for the mess, i haven't really been here in a while and it really shows

MOSS: um, feel free to pick up any of the croissants scattered around here, how many can you find?

glittery gif of a croissant

MOSS: here, i'll even make the first one extra visible

i tap out a rhythm on the side of my pants absentmindedly, unsure of what else to say or do now

> Moss: who the hell even are you

MOSS: oh right! i totally forgot to introduce myself

i'll do away with the abstraction, since we both know it's me talking at this point.

my name, as you may have gathered, is moss, though i also respond to idris. i have curly hair and pronouns.

i consider myself a writer mostly, though i don't really do as much of it as i want.. and i started this website on a whim and mostly do everything on it on a whim

oh, but i'm rambling now. that's enough of these plesantries, you're here for a reason, no? well, the navigation section should be fairly easy to locate, though i'm going through renovations, so don't be alarmed if pages look vastly different page to page.

currently, the pages i have linked up are my homepage (of which there are two; as of time of writing, i'm migrating everything there onto here, but their linking mechanism is going to be super inconsistent), the blinkies page, which should be self explanatory, the playzone, which is where you can play games!!! feeling up for a daily crossword, or a a rotating jigsaw puzzle? how about a hacker typing simulator or a personality test? there's also my credits & resources page which has.. drumroll please, credits, resources, and my update log. lastly, there's my about me page, which is sorely overdue for a redo. it's actually a little embarrasing to look at. anyway, it has a box of all the fanlistings i've joined, and should eventually host alternate ways of contacting me